Godaddy successful support line profit

Back on August 17th, we published an article about Godaddy (NYSE:GDDY) and it was a great time to consider buying this Stock. Read the original post about Godaddy here
Today, 2 weeks later we have sold our positions in Godaddy Inc. because we feel that resistance line is close. Furthermore, we see some signals, that indicate that the top is near and we want to take profit now.
We bought this Stock back on August 20 to a price noted at 73.17 and sold today at 81.68.
Total profit for about 10-11 business days is calculated to 11.6%. This must be considered as a very good deal and successful trade.

Congratulations to all, that followed this tip and collected some Dollars in profits 🙂

For those of you, that like to gamble, you can take ½ profit now and wait – maybe the price reach resistance line at 84.00-85.00. We do not gamble, so we followed our exit plan and sold all stocks of Godaddy Inc. We might buy again when the price falls back to support line next time and other buy signals become active.

Godaddy successful supportline profit

Godaddy successful supportline profit

Godaddy successful supportline profit
You can read the original post from August 17th, right here