Moberg Pharma double in price

Will Moberg Pharma double in price within the next year ?
Moberg Pharma is a Swedish Pharma company with headquarter just outside Stockholm, Sweeden.
Fundamental the company is doing very well, provenue been raising every year with aprox 35% from 2013 till 2017.

Based on Technical Analysis, the price is currently testing MA200 and a very important supportarea at 30 sek. The price has broken through the MA200 from below and is currently trying to retest the MA200 and might work as new support rather than resistance as before. Likewise and even more important, the price has just tested a very important area of ​​30SEK. The 30SEK has previously been tested back in Sep, Oct 2014, again in July 2016, where 30SEK was held as support. Again by the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 the prize has been tested several times at 30-31SEK.
In July 2016, a further decline was strongly rejected and the price of the 30SEK proved to be incredibly strong.

Moberg Pharma double in price

Moberg Pharma double in price
I’ll just await you next week as we face 2 important things.
1. Is the MA200 tested again (will the price be above MA200)?
2. Will the support at 30 hold ?
The aggressive investor can buy when the above 2 criticisms confirm and the cautious investor (myself) will wait for the price to rise above 37SEK for a new higher high to be established.
Stop loss can be set slightly below the 30 or under the previously bottom.
Possible targets will be 40SEK, 50SEK and 56SEK.

If, on the other hand, the price falls next week and falls below MA200 and below 30SEK, well, yes….. the next support area is 26, then 22 and finally 15!

So we are in a very important area right now, so I’m watching Moberg next week.