Nasdaq 100 Stock recommendations

What is Nasdaq 100 ?
The Nasdaq 100 index is composed of the 100 largest and most active traded US companies listed on the Nasdaq exchange in New York City.
The Nasdaq Index include companies from major industry groups such as telecommunications, technology trading, whole/retail companies, Software and Hardware manufactors and biotechnology campanies. The list does not include companies representing the financial industry, like investings companies and banks because Nasdaq100 mainly consist of technology companies.

Private investors are able to trade the Nasdaq 100 index by trading funds (ETFs) that are designed to follow the performance of Nasdaq 100. The best known ETFs is the Powershares QQQQ.

All Stocks in the Nasdaq 100 Index can be traded individually aswell

Last update : 2020-07-07 22:30
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Nasdaq 100 Stock recommendations