Stocks to buy and hold

Many people are wondering which Stocks to buy and when to buy. Most people except frequent traders have no idea about Fundamental or Technical Analysis, so they often listen to ideas from their bank or friends.
Normally any Stock advises from your bank is already too late, meaning that the Stock often has topped when you get the advice.
So what option do investor with no time or no knowledge have to make profitable investments?
One of the options is to buy Stocks that are in an uptrend and keep them for a certain period of time. If you are looking for a long-term investment (more than 5 years) then find Stocks that have been in an uptrend for min 10 years.
We have found 2 Stocks, that have been in an uptrend for minimum 1 year.

Stocks to buy and hold

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE)
Adobe Systems has been in a massive uptrend for years now.
Back in 2011, the price of Adobe reached 23.00 and the price has been increasing ever since.
2014, January, the price was 60
2016, January, the price was 90
2018, January, the price was 183
2018, September the price is 263
Stocks to buy and hold

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)
Also, Microsoft has been up-trending for years. It seems that these Software Giants are continuing to rise in price and value.
Back in 2009, Microsoft Corporation Price was down in 15.00 and every year since that, the price has gained and provided profits to the shareowners.
2011, January, the price was 28
2015, January, the price was 48
2018, January, the Price was 87
2018, September, the price is 112

So since 2009, the price has gone up from 15.00 to 112, which must be considered as VERY GOOD.

Stocks to buy and hold Microsoft

Both candidates are Technology Stocks and we normally advise to spread investments over more than 1 Sector.

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