Best US stocks May 2021 - Stock tips and tricks
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Best US stocks May 2021

Best US stocks May 2021 and the economic recovery

The NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, and Dow all hit a fresh high last week. Triggered by powerful earnings from stock market monsters, a sharp rise in consumer spending, and decreasing unemployment claims.
The economy is fast rebounding from the international pandemic people get vaccinated and businesses reopen.

Here are some of the best US stocks May 2021:

PayPal Holdings

Best US stocks May 2021
Presently trading at $266.62, the stock price of PayPal Holdings has grown 35 percent in the last 6 months and over 140 percent over the last year.
PayPal, the monster in the payment gateway market, added 72.7 million fresh accounts in 2020. Contributing to a 31 percent increase in total payment volume to $936bn and a twenty-two percent increase in revenues to $21.5bn. net income increased by 71 percent to $4.2bn. Free cash flow increased by 48 percent to $5bn.
By the end of 2025, the international payment gateway market is guessed to have grown from $50,312.85m in 2020 to $94,198.98m. This is almost doubling in value and size.
A vaccine-fired end to the pandemic points to normalizing the American economy.
The hospitality and travel sectors will return as consumer confidence returns. And with remote working and internet shopping established, PayPal looks well placed.


Best US stocks May 2021

Best US stocks May 2021

Tesla took the globe by storm when its stock price surged nearly one-thousand percent between March 2020 and February 2021.
Tesla’s soaring stock price is rooted in its innovative automotive electronic technology, increased awareness and demand for electric vehicles, and the popularity of Elon Musk (company’s founder).
Presently trading at $739.89 share, Tesla stock could hit 3,000 by 2025, according to Ark invest, representing a 300 percent increase.
Even in the worst-case scenario, Ark trusts Tesla shares will reach $1,500 in 2025.
According to FactSet, Tesla delivered 182,800 vehicles in Q1, up to 109 percent, from a year ago 2.3 percent from the 4th quarter, challenging expectations of a decline against the analysis guess of 168,000 vehicles.
Tesla has significantly spread its production capabilities.
Musk plans to manufacture twenty million electric vehicles a year within the next decade – more than twice the present producing output of other automakers.


Best US stocks May 2021
With a market capitalization of $1.96tm, Microsoft is the world’s second-biggest company after Apple.
Presently, trading at $260.01, Microsoft stocks have surged nearly a hundred percent since last March, when prices fell to $131.00 a share.
MSFT shares rose more than sixty percent in 2020 and are up 17 percent in 2021.
Lately, Microsoft has been completely focused on its program, as a service Vertical Azure. Wealth is flowing into Microsoft Azure, according to a fresh Flexera survey on IT budgets for 2021.
According to Forbes, Microsoft Azure revenues rose by fifty percent year on year, leading to a twenty-six percent growth in Microsoft server products and cloud services profits.
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Final words and links regarding the best US stocks May:

Picking top shares to buy in 2021 May is a challenge. Even if you pick the market winners with powerful fundamentals and bullish price targets, forever perform your own analysis. Understand the dangers and establish your financial aims.

$MSFT Microsoft, Weekly Chart Nov 2019

Bill Kennedy