LBTYA profit 5% in 1 week - Stock tips and tricks
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LBTYA profit 5% in 1 week

LBTYA profit 5% in 1 week

A quick summary of how LBTYA gave profit of 5% in 1 week.

Read this original article dated June 3. 2021 when we invested in LBTYA – LBTYA testing Supportline, time to buy
Today only 1½ week later we have closed our position and gained over 5% within the last 7 trading days. That is just awesome 🙂

LBTYA profit 5%
LBTYA profit of 5%

LBTYA will fall back to support line after earning a profit of 5% within 1 week

LBTYA might fall back next week.
We are ready to create a new Technical analysis of LBTYA next week.

LBTYA profit 5%, fall back to support line

LBTYA profit 5%, fall back to support line. will create new technical analysys next week on LBTYA

Frank Egsgaard-Fjord