Nasdaq Charts at

For a few weeks, we have been testing a new feature at website.
Every day, we create a chart of all Nasdaq 100 Stocks with possible support, resistance and trend line.
All charts will be on D1 timeframe and we collect all these charts in a single PDF file, which you can examine on or download for later use.
This feature is free of charge and can be very helpful when you search for new Stock candidates in the Nasdaq 100 Index.
How can you benefit from these charts?
1. Get a daily overview of all Nasdaq 100 Stocks. Is a single Stock close to Support line or should you go short or wait a few days and find a breakout.
2. Use the charts for backtesting. Follow the stock on a daily basis, as you can see the charts for single Stocks back in time.

Hope you find this new feature helpful.

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Example of chart
Nasdaq Charts at

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